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OP 37: The Wandering Temple

I’m honestly kind of hoping for more story with the King’s Sword, as it seems that these people are kind of cool, and having the King’s Sword’s support is like winning half of the royalty’s power in your hands, isn’t it??

Who positively laughed laughed after reading this panel?? Well, I did:x

I mean, being called a cross-dresser, haha, and I bet the soldiers actually believe Belca to be a nun.

(Again, that reminds me of Linna… Love at 1st sight??)

But nothing beats this:  

The 1st panel there, looks like Linna is rescuing a damsel in distress and Mariebelle-san has this surprised, touched and full of admiration look in her eyes. Linna just need to add sparkles around him to complete the picture. (I think I’m imagining too much>.<) And to make it worst, the last panel there, for a moment I mistook it as Mariebelle about to link her arms with Linna (I’m so glad the SFX: pat was translated, else I think my mind will blow up:x)

That aside, more importantly, we see Belca’s decision in this OP is to choose Linna over the citizens, or did he?? Well, whatever the case, given his status and people’s expectation in him, there are always repercussions to what he decides on. He could very well choose to switch place with Cole, then we will not be enjoying those fan services…

But as Cole mentioned, and Shingetsu rightly supports, that Belca was sort of manipulated by Coal, a caged bird, always saying/doing things that he thinks his brother will wish for, to complete Hector’s work etc. Of course, Belca does want to do those things for the people, but more significant to him is Linna’s presence by his side or else these actions will no longer have meaning to him (since Linna is his 1st citizen, and Belca changed because of Linna).

And finally, it goes to show that Belca has finally learnt to let go; a person can’t be everywhere at the same time, and a true leader is able to utilize his/her resources to complete everything and replying on/trusting in others as a form of strength.

Quote of the OP: Ms. Mariebelle really is as cute and as sweet as honey, isn’t she? (Pfttt, joking, this is not the real quote:x)

<… The gathered citizens saw light and hope from Hector’s troop (symbolically coming  from the direction of the sunrise). But since Belca is not there, how will the King’s sword and the citizens react to Coal’s plea? Also, the Crow narrows in on the escaping party. Can Belca’s group escape safely? …>

Quote of the OP: We are not humans, but the King’s sword. Swords can only be wielded under their master’s orders.



STILL looking for at least one more Japanese Translator


I don’t exactly care.  But we don’t need 10 editors and one cleaner because we wont be picking up many new series unless we get more translators.

Why?  That’s a simple answer:

I am a college student and I have school work to do
As much as I love seeing everyone’s smiley emoticons and happy comments about new chapters, I have my personal life to consider.  I don’t want to be translating 5 series, plus reading 100 pages of political theory and sociology works plus japanese homework plus writing at least one paper a week…that’s called suicide >.>

So yeah, I am gonna talk to Rong about putting editor apps on hold and focus on getting translators.

You don’t want to see me get sick again from over-working myself and not get +C at all, do you?

WE ARE RECRUITING (and a message from M.ichi)

Hey guys, it’s M.ichi

/waves excitedly ’cause it’s her first post on a blog!

Honestly, my attention span is pretty much non-existant, so me being the one to post here is going to be on off times like this one.

I have three things to say~

1.  Thank you all for your support.  I saw the comments from the few people in the other blog post by Rong and I was like OMG WANT TO HUG ALL OF YOU GUYS <33333  We both try out best, and until recently, it was really just the two of us.  One of our translators went bye bye and we’re both sad about  it.  We now have a new editor, Vicchan <33333  She is super amazing and likes a ton of the same series as I do (apparently we both asked Rong about picking up Karneval.  Though the same day, L.O.V.E released their chapter and we just said never mind.  L.O.V.E is a great group, go read their Karneval releases!)
Um…if you haven’t realized, I am a crazy fangirl who cosplays (under the name M.ichi, み☆ち, or Michi1518) and translates manga ’cause I can.

2.  I know that TZA does this too sometimes and I don’t want to make them angry (some of their members have my email so email me if you object to us doing this too)…but since I’ve been buying Zero Sum monthly since July 2010, I get a ton of news and updates on +C and other series in the magazine (Drama CDs, color pages, adds for other, upcoming series, etc).  Would any of you like me to post some news such as Karneval Drama CD releases, color pages, and all that fun stuff.  I get a ton of News about Tiger & Bunny manga releases from Zero Sum for some reason…so yeah, stuff like that.  (Please, TZA, let me know if you object to me doing this too. I love your group and the work you guys do so I don’t want to make you guys angry).  I can also release news from LALA ’cause I buy that magazine too.  Oooor, if I find some random news that I think is interesting like a series being Green lit for anime or Drama CD or a mangaka releasing a new manga, I’ll let you all know.

3.  Last but not least…

We need these (in order of preference)

  • – Translators (honestly, I am the only one who can read Japanese in this group.  Rong can read the chinese scans if need be, but that’s no fun.  I’d like someone else to work on Zetsuen no Tempest if possible.  I have college starting tomorrow >.<)
  • – Editors (we have two, but hey, more wont hurt)
  • – Typesetters (more wont hurt)
    If you want to try proofreading or translating, please PM me on the forum with your email so I can contact you.  I will be testing you depending on what you want to apply for.  Most likely it’ll be a random page out of +C or Zetsuen no Tempest (so you can’t cheat, haha).
  • – Quality checkers (honestly, I personally don’t care for more of these…but if you want to help make sure we didn’t make any mistakes, you can volunteer for this).

I would put RAW providers on this list, and unless you have Op.32-35 and 37 (I have 36 and 38-current) we really don’t need RAW providers until we have more people.  The three of us can’t be expected to release a ton of series at once.  Getting the missing RAWs for +C isn’t an easy task.

Anyways, I’m done rambling.  Hope we get our RAWs for +C soon so you guys can read more.  Honestly, it’s gonna be getting super intense soon.  And some really good news in the series that’ll make you all smile will be coming your way ^^

New Release: Op 38

Sorry for the lo~ong wait, here is Op and Op38.pdf! Or please proceed to Fallen Syndicate.

Now onwards to discussion^^ (read the OP before proceeding!)


OP 38

This is a relatively short chapter.

We see how Eco’s songs actually played a bigger role then just create a positive image of Belca among the citizens. Although it’s not good to trick the citizens (I hope it doesn’t bite back on them later), but those are necessary lies isn’t it? So even though Eco thinks that Belca has done a lot in connecting the people, well, isn’t it also largely because of Eco’s songs?? (Lagen must be jumping if he knows this..)


Anyone hoping for a Musca and Seamrog, erm, I don’t know… I don’t want to entertain this since their age difference is a little big, or maybe Seamrog just looks older than his age (there’s nothing wrong, but I highly doubt the manipulative council will approve this fiancées). Oh well, since I’ve come to like Musca more, and I like their relationship as knight and princess more, I shall just accept this as fan service ^^


So the doubts and uncertainty continues to grow in Orcelito… Hair color is one thing, but isn’t the lineage more important in this context? Is this a clue to something bigger…? >.>

I totally get that this guy is annoying (just look at his arrogant and distorted face)


But this guy wins for creepiness (I think I’ve said this before, he is scary)

cold blooded<… The tides have turned in Belca’s favour with outnumbering comrades on his side. But preventing the King Sword’s attacking the citizen was only a bluff, so what is Koal going to do next? Meanwhile, how is Orcelito going to speed things up…?  …>

Quote of the OP: Like this… Is it alright I wonder, for a tainted blood to be… ruling over this country as its king?


Op36 is here~~~

The new OP is here!

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Now onwards to discussion^^ (read the OP before proceeding!)

Well, despite all the previous chapters showing that Orcelito is kind of beyond hope, or maybe he is just feeling conflicted, this Op shows his determination to help the citizens. I mean, isn’t he just harmless looking like this: Orcelito stunned

UntitledSomehow it feels like we’ve been Belca’s guardian as we watched him grow, from when he was a puppet prince that’s rebellious and doesn’t believe in himself to the current him that is brimming with confidence and has the support of the people. When the people from the stone capital and Hokulea alike chorused their support for Belca, you know that Belca has already won a part of the war.Untitled2

But some old habits die hard, I guess>.>

And of course, I’m pretty sure the most memorable page in this Op is Linna’s confession of his feelings towards Belca, it’s a little too mushy for my liking, but IUntitled3 still love their bromance. After all, that was what keeps Belca going and gave him the strength, because of Linna’s belief in him. So Marie-bella san does not disappoint us either, and she’s as beautiful as ever (just like her mother^^)

Quote of the OP: You were like a flower withstanding the wind. How strong, how beautiful…


Op 35 (sorry for being late>.<)


I’m very very sorry for posting this so late. I know FS released this a few days ago, plus OP 35 was dragged out really long, like months after OP 34 was released.

Anyways, here is OP 35.pdf (convenient for reading on mobile devices) and

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Now here for some discussion on OP 35 (read OP35 first):

Did anyone pause and wonder what this means? I don’t mean literally of course, but in context.

With the introduction of the calvary, and the citizens gathering, Belca is posed with the dilemma of whether to stop the imminent conflict or to rescue his (“beloved”) linna; there’s only one of him and he can’t be there personally for both. Shingetsu is giving Belca a piece of her mind, and here the bird refers to the citizens gathered and grooming of the bird refers to Belca stepping in to bridge or absolve the conflict between the soldiers and the restless citizens, i.e. taking care of the citizens. Belca’s decision will be revealed in Op36 , so I’m not supposed to divulge to much, unless someone is itching for some spoilers;)

This OP 35 is heavily centered on the political conflict and built-up for later OPs. We also get to see the common farce of the viceroy escaping on his own at the 1st sign of danger (typical cowardice in manga-land, but do people normally make it so obvious?) The citizens loses their trust in the ruling council and attempts to save themselves. Orcelito stands to benefit from all this though, as it makes it easier for him to oust these lazy and coward bums from the council, and I’m sure Kiliko will make full use of this opportunity (not withstanding his shrewdness, Kiliko is a capable person)

Its good to see the old gramps again (though I can’t really tell that person’s gender, please forgive me, Yugyoji-sensei), and it’s nice for Belca when the citizens trust him.

Even the soldiers too, who are guarding Kamino, are starting to have doubts about their orders and wanted to believe in Belca. I just love how that soldier played with the words and help the Hokulea out (nah, you aren’t a human, so I’m not doing anything wrong, since you insist that Hokuleas are not human) And he even managed to subtly inform Belca of the situation, seems like that soldier has a heart. (Anyone reminded of linna, who too started out with having doubts of killing Belca and went on to help him instead? Imagine if all the soldier turn to support Belca eventually…) Like the citizens, I believe the soldier are starting to think for themselves, and that is usually a sign of revolution to come, or not?

Quote of the OP: We have no choice but to take matters into our own hands.

~Go citizens, fight for your survival!~

Discussion @ forum, or reply to this post:)


Some Rantings….

I realised that the past post have all been titled OP something, guess that’s not very creative>.< We can’t be only posting when there’s new OP out right? So here goes some of my rantings whilst cleaning 😉

I’ve been cleaning OP 36 (it’s supposed to be done by Fallen Syndicate’s cleaner, but she’s injured so I’m cleaning). I honestly had a hard time though, because there’s this disgusting looking page:

I’m staring at the one on the right, particularly the top most panel. O.o The below panels looks ok so I decided to get rid of the easier ones first (leave the worst for the last:x)

And then comes the fun part:

Don’t ask me how I did it (maybe it’s that few hours of eye power staring and perseverance) but I find the most challenging part to be imagining what’s supposed to be behind the words, literally, since I only have the lines to work with and to join them together as best as possible. Well, I’ll say it’s not a job for the impatient people. But if you find it enjoyable to stare at the art and feel the sense of satisfaction upon seeing the completed page, then feel free to join us!

OP 34!

Hello guys^^

Here it is again (hope you find this release faster>.-) This OP 34 is a join release of Suisei Scans with Fallen Syndicate and you can download or read from both sites;) Enjoy!

Read from: OP 34.pdf  or

** As usual, a call to everyone to recommend us new series to pick up! **

Starting from this OP I will like to have a little bit of discussion of the chapter on my own^^ You can read my comments after reading the release:)

So here goes… (my rants>.-): 

I particularly liked Orcelito’s bed hair look in this OP (for a moment I couldn’t recognize him>.<)

Then there’s also the fact that the soldiers killed off the sick mother even when she hasn’t died yet. On one hand that was effective to prevent the spread of the plague, but still to kill off someone just doesn’t sits morally right with me, and to link this all to Orcelito’s orders (a big contrast to his innocent looks, especially when he is right out of bed… :x)

I’m quite surprised that Shingetsu will want to help Belca reunite with Linna, because I have the impression that she is calm and won’t rush into dangers. Change of heart? I’ll still stick to my old stand and ship Belca x Shingetsu (She’s cool enough for Belca and to help him, but then there’s the height problem:/)

Kiliko’s underling (or secret soldiers) all have this maniac look. I wonder what kind of strange/weird training they undergo to be so murderous, resilient and strong (mutant soldiers?) And Kiliko is as usual, subtle, but I think the High Priest gets the message… (poor thing, but at least Belca has more allies now, compared to the past Belca who’s scorned as the commoner)

Quote of the Op: I will make it so you will always hear of the name of your prince, who has become worthy of praise!!!

Feel free to comment (head over to the forum for discussion^^)


OP 33!


1st off, very very sorry for the long wait (big hiatus we have there>.<) Anyways, from hence forth (from Op.34 onwards) Suisei scans is doing a joint release of +C with Fallen Syndicate and both groups’ sites will have the release. (so expect much faster release now^^)

And with that, we would also like to hear your suggestions for new projects to pick up on (most importantly is we need the raws!)

Thanks to everyone for your hard work to make this release possible (*bows*)

So here you go, enjoy Op 33.pdf or Op



Yay!!! Progress!

M.ichi wants to tell everyone that she will be starting translations for both Op.32 and 33 over the weekend!
Everyone happy?
(I also have received Op.37 and I’ll work on translating that once we get to Op.36 ^^;;)

Thank you rickter for the RAWs ❤
Got them earlier in the week from Rong and was super happy.  So much Orcelito/Lagann Plot plot plotting M.ichi is a fangirl and always will be a fangirl and she is not sorry >.>
/is trying so hard not to spoil things omg so hard ’cause Op.32 made me happy~

Also, I was thinking about setting up a twitter account and/or facebook page for our group.  What does everyone think?

Anyways, that’s my update to let you know that we haven’t stopped working!!!  You will be getting your +C chapter(s) within the coming weeks.  I’d guess about two? three at most?  Maybe we’ll be super nice and release TWO CHAPTERS AT ONCE!!!
You’ll just have to see~

Welcome our new members


It’s me, rong-chan again^^ 1st of all I would to thank everyone for their support and I’m happy to introduce to everyone 2 new members to suisei scans: TheLastMelody (cleaner) and Rickter (she has designed a credits page for us and I love it; you will get to see it once we release something new~) So now we have a total of 6 people, but there’s only one of us that can translate. So you see there’s not enough translations to satisfy us cleaners:p As M.ichi mentioned in the previous post, it will be good if there’s people applying for translator job (even Chinese translators are welcomed, because after you translate from Chinese then M.ichi can save time by simply proofreading it) So for now I’m closing the application for editors until we get some more translator>.<

Hope to hear some responses from everyone>.-